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Name  ErgoSlide 2100 Bed Repositioning Aid
Description  ErgoSlide 2100 Bed Repositioning Aid BY PRISM MEDICAL. ErgoSafe's™ bed repositioning aid, the ErgoSlide®, can be used to move and reposition a patient or loved one in the bed without requiring the caregiver to lift the individual or pull on the individual's arms, legs, or body. The ErgoSlide bed repositioning aid is made from a strong nylon material, which is sewn into a long tube for additional support. The ErgoSlide also encompasses two webbing handles that are located on each side of the sheet to offer further ease of use for the caregiver. Easy bed repositioning aid for sliding a patient up in bed or turning a patient in bed. Made of very durable and heavy-duty nylon, if used and laundered correctly, the ErgoSlide will last for 4 years or more Ergonomically inclined handles to assist in "No Lift" maneuvers. A Caregiver's "No Lift" Solution Nylon roller band assists in bed repositioning (61" L x 28 1/4" W) Easily reposition a patient in bed Effortlessly turn a resident in bed Ergonomically inclined handles to assist in "No Lift" maneuvers ErgoSafe's bed repositioning aids can be used to move a heavy patient up or across a bed, sit them up, turn them, or help them get out of bed without pulling the patient's body, arms or legs, and without the caregiver having to lift. It is made from a strong nylon material sewn into a long roller band and is wide enough for a patient to lie on. Webbing handles are on both sides of the sheet around the full length, which are used to turn or slide the patient.
$ $179.95
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$ $144.00
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