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Pediatrics - Positioning Chairs

Name  Special TomatoPush Chair Kit
Description  The Special Tomato MPS Push Chair Kit includes the Multi-Positioning Seat and the Convaid Transportable Push Chair Base. The Transportable Push Chair is designed to fit both the Small and Large sizes of the Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat. The Umbrella-Style Folding Transportable Push Chair is manufactured for Special Tomato by Convaid, and is designed for use with standard tie-down systems for bus or van transport. Safety features meet ANSI/RESNA WC/19 regulations. Children travel comfortably and safely back and forth to school. The soft, lightweight, and durable modular seating surface cushions allow for individualized adjustment. Seating surface modules are soft for comfort, but are supported by the seat shell to maintain position. Cushions are made from a new latex-free material that is not only soft, but is tough and durable to withstand deflating, cracking, and is impermeable to fluids. CHOOSE: Chocolate, Aqua, Lilac, Cherry, Lime, Latte or Pumpkin. Here's what people are saying: "I THOUGHT THE CUSHIONS WERE HARD PLASTIC UNTIL I TOUCHED THEM! THEY'RE SO SOFT!"
$ 4407.63
ADM Sales Price
$ 3188.00
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