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Name  KAYE X-Large T-Seat #S5A
Description  The X-Large Adjustable Tilt Bench adjusts in height from 16" to 23" off the floor. The seat size is 14" x 31" wide. The Bench adjusts in height and tilts by changing the little black knob slot positions to achieve different angles. The KAYE Posture System, added to the KAYE Benches, can be combined in various ways to provide additional stability in sitting. The three part pelvic support adjusts the seat depth so the length of the thigh can be supported on the seat surface. The adjustable height of the posterior support maintains the pelvis in a vertical position. Adjustable lateral pelvic supports minimize asymmetry in weight bearing and deviation from the mid-line. Adding the KAYE Posture System to these benches provides greater stability of the pelvis and spine. The femoral stabilizer with abductor, combined with pelvic support, prevents posterior tilt of the pelvis as well as rotation or obliquity of the pelvis. This component also stabilizes the hips and thighs in neutral alignment. The components of this bench seating system can be combined so that only the support that is necessary for the individual child is used. The Pelvic Support Component seat depth adjusts from 5" to 10.5", the 9" x 5" back adjusts 3" vertically. The width between lateral pelvic supports varies from 5" to 11". The Femoral Stabilizer Component has two 4" wide x 7" high knee pads on either side of the 3" wide abductor which adjusts front to back.
$ $256.95
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$ $231.25
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