10 Liter Concentrator COMPARE

Concentrator compare
Airsep vs Nidek 10 liter Concentrators

These are my opinions

Airsep New Life Intensity
Nidek Nuvo
Price$1,445.00 before Feb 1, 2021
$1,495.00 begin Feb 1 2021
$1,295.00 before Feb 1, 2021
$1,345.00 begin Feb 1 2021
LPM8-9 LPM 95% +/-
10 LPM 92% +/-
10 LPM 95% +/-
PSI20 +/-20 +/-
Warranty1 yr3 yr
Weight58 lbs64.5 lbs
Dimensions27.5 in H
16.5 in W
14.5 in D
28 in H
16 in W
16 in
Power590 watts700 watts
Sound55 dB 48 dB
Oxygen sensorYesYes
External FilterYes (back)Yes (back)
Internal FilterYes – felt donut, inside right cabinet
Must remove right side panel to change
Yes – box filter
filter cartridge in rear of cabinet
Bacteria FilterNoYes (2)
OxyHealth TestedYesYes
Warm up time3-5 minutes60 seconds
PROScurrent standardLOCAL – Made in Alabama, USA
Currently assembled in NY / GA, USASuperior Grade of Molecular Sieve
Cannula and humidifier bottle included
Modular construction – easy part change
quieter compressor
lower cost
CONShigher costlight burn off smell on some new units
must get units from NY / GA
extra shipping wear and tear